We create exceptional trading tools for Tradingview and offer access to our Telegram group for support. Our algo is constantly updated with the latest market conditions.


The perfect tool for crypto, forex and equities.

Analyze data quickly , get confirmation from higher timeframes, get the perfect entry and act with the recommended take profits and stop loss.


Signals By Strength

Two signal intensities that let you get optimal entries.

Adapt to the markets like a pro

Trend following or breakout signals. Adapting to the market and your trading style

Smart Money Mechanics

Our algo is using SMC concepts as confirmation for entries.

Higher Timeframe Confirmation

Trading on the same timeframe is not enough , with Brutal Scalps you can get entries based on higher timeframes.

Brutal Features

Unlock the power of your charts with our tradingview indicators.

Strength based signals

The algorithm detects two types of buy and sell signals based on strength. Along with the Trend confirmation, these become a very powertool trading tool.  Additionally, you can set Brutal Scalps to trade using classic trend following or a breakout strategy.

Take profit and stop loss

While one of the most difficult things to master in trading, our algorithm suggests the best possible levels you can use in your trade.


Market overview

We tested a lot of trend indicators and decided on 6 oscilators that give us the trend on the timeframe we choose. Visible at a glance get the information you need without leaving or changing your chart.



Set buy only, sell only or any buy or sell signal alert in a few simple clicks. Never miss a good trade again!


AUTOMATION through cornix

We automate our signals through Cornix trading bot and offer automated signals on any of the telegram plans. Signup to Sublime Traders here.


Confused? Our trading solution will clear things out!

Wether you are a TOTAL NEWBIE or a SEASONED TRADER , the Brutal Scalps tradingview indicator will meet your requirements and guide you through the markets.

brutal scalpt tradingview indicator

Brutal performance on any device

Even though it is usually recommended to trade on a big screen device, the Brutal Scalps indicator can be used on mobile devices aswell as on desktop. If it runs Tradingview , you can use it!

Unlock your full trading potential

Trading is thrilling, requires preparation and rewards those who put in the effort to understand the markets. Trading is also dangerous and can lead to potential loss of capital. 

When we set out to create our trading tools we keep one important thing in mind… after all they are just tools, and like in the real world you may have some tools better than others. Even though we offer a level of automation through our Sublime Traders channels, we are not promising some holy grail indicator that will do the work for you because … simply that does not exist. 

We look at the market  from a technical standpoint , using Technical Analysis with multiple strategies and provide you with the hammer that is needed to brutalize the markets.

The ultimate profit machine lies within yourself. 


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